Overly by East Coast has been a trailblazer in the architectural metals industry since 1888, introducing innovative solutions that redefine excellence. Our journey began with the introduction of the custom Batten Roofing systems. 25 years ago, we developed the industry’s first inverted batten seam system, the Precision Profile. Building on nearly two decades of successful design experience, we proudly present our latest breakthrough: the EVOLUTION® system, protected by U.S. Patent No. 9,181,692.

EVOLUTION® represents the pinnacle of custom architectural metal roof systems, setting new standards for contemporary design. This sleek system eliminates raised battens for a smooth and modern aesthetic. It boasts concealed fasteners and our signature Overly by East Coast continuous internal drain channel, ensuring precise drainage control.

The versatility of EVOLUTION® knows no bounds. It can be seamlessly integrated into walls, straight rafters, barrel vaults, and specific soffit applications. Panels can be elegantly curved into either concave or convex profiles, allowing for limitless creative possibilities.

Choose from an array of high-quality metals and finishes, including:

• Aluminum

• Stainless Steel

• Titanium

• Zinc

Panel dimensions are customizable based on your selected material type. For your peace of mind, EVOLUTION® comes with 20 Year Limited Performance Warranty.

For comprehensive guidance on incorporating EVOLUTION® into your project, please consult Overly by East Coast. This system offers adaptability across various architectural scenarios. (Subject to a technical review by Overly by East Coast.)

Our commitment to excellence extends to our service offerings. We provide free cost estimates and detailed quotations. Our engineering expertise includes the provision of shop drawings, anchor details, and wind load calculations. Additionally, we can fully engineer our materials to align with local codes, utilizing the expertise of an engineer registered and licensed in your state.

To explore how the EVOLUTION® system can elevate your vertical surfaces, please get in touch with Overly by East Coast for more information. Together, we’ll shape the future of architectural excellence.

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